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به وبسایت شرکت مهندسی و تحقیقات صنایع لاستیک خوش آمدید

Since one of the tasks and missions of the Iranian Rubber Industry Research Center (rierco) is the development of the rubber industry, in particular tire, through the introduction of the products and services of the active and innovative companies in the tire and rubber production chain, scientific conferences and professional meeting on technology transfer , therefore, the Rubber Industry Research Center is ready to introduce new products of those companies, as well as to collaborate in the following specialized areas with their respective department:
۱- new technology
۲-Software domain
۳- raw materials
۴-quality promotion
۵- management
۶- trouble shooting
۷-tire and rubber machinery
۸- part makers companies
Also invited retired professionals in various fields related to tires.
It is worth noting that Iranian Rubber Industry Research Center (rierco) is the only rubber research center that is associated with all active units in the field of tire and automotive and can deal with research, training, testing of materials and rubber products, in particular tire, inspection and quality control, and Conducting scientific conferences and exhibitions.
Thanks in advance to your cooperation and assistance in this regard with the Iranian Rubber Industry Research Center.

Managing Director of rierco
نام شرکت های قطعه ساز:
۱٫ کونتیننتال آ-گ
۲٫ کروز
۳٫ سازه پویش
۴٫ عظام
۵٫ جمع ساز